Sunday, July 19, 2009


Two beautiful single girls seated on a table outside Pelita Bangsar. It was 5 am. They have been sitting ther for almost 6 hours after attending an Art Event launched by U-Wei.

The place was full of people who just finished clubbing.

In front of their table was a group of clubbers, a horny couple was expressing their love towards each other. It made the girl in the colorful striped jacket sick. So she looked to her left and got sicker because a girl on the other table was actually Frenching a guy, her boyfriend maybe, so she looked back at 12 o clock but then there was a couple holding hands. Ok, not too bad she thought.

And then tiba-tiba...

Dashed a nerdy innocent looking Indian guy screaming and shouting at the top of his head. He started pushing the guy whom the girl was Frenching just now.

They were fighting over that girl. Sah sah that nerd guy kena main kayu tiga, kesian dia.

The fight went on and on and on.

The girl in the colored striped shirt felt like saying to the nerd guy " Bunga bukan sekuntum brother...lagipun bunga yang dia fight for tu pun tak la harum sangat pon..kami kan ada."

What a scene.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


You know, sometimes you look at some photos, and you get this rush.
Some kinda adrenaline rush.
Sometimes a rush of happiness, sometimes a rush of fear.

I sit, I think, I ponder

There have been many questions still unanswered.
Not everyone agrees on confrontations.

I sit, I think, I ponder.


Life. Simple for some, complex for some.
Life. It goes on no matter what.
Life. Good things happen, bad things happen.
Life. People come, people go.
Life. We love, we lost.

At the end of the day, we just have to move on...