Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your Time Will Come

Ronald hates McDonald's and you know why. Although boys his age found this fast-food joint as being 'cool', he thought otherwise.

Rania loves McDonald's and you know why. Which girl would not want to be hanging out at the coolest joint where the coolest 5 year-old boys are at?

Ronald likes Rania and you know why. She's the girl that every 5-year old boy wants to be with.

Since Ronald likes Rania so much he rides his bike to McDonald's everyday and hid behind the bushes and observed Rania. Everyone knows Ronald hates McDonald's.

Richard is Ronald's grandfather and often he caught Ronald snooping on Rania, but he kept quiet, and you know why. Everyone knows when one is in love.

Ronald saw that Rania loves Fillet-O-Fish and you know why. Because it's delicious.

Ronald decided to put his likes and hates aside finally, he bought a Fillet-O-Fish after his 10th time observing Rania eating her favorite item.

Ronald waited for Rania to come. When Rania arrived, Ronald, nervous, gave Rania his sweetest smile and attempt to hand her the Fillet-O-Fish. Rania shook her head, pushed Ronald and ran away.

Disappointed and heartbroken, Ronald rode off on his bicycle bringing the Fillet-O-Fish with him.

When he got home, Ronald gently handed the Fillet-O-Fish to his grandfather.

Guessing what might have happened, Richard smiled and took the Fillet-O-Fish in his hands, gave a manly hug to a tearing Ronald and said " My child, one day, one fine day my child, your time will come, and you know why. Just like this Fillet-O-Fish I've been wanting and waiting for you to buy".