Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Bang boom bash bash boom bang spank dushummm!!!

Thank you. I appreciate it very much. 

Adrenaline. Hungry. Syabas, anda berjaya.

You know who you are.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Shrew by Beirut

Ku tak sangka lagu yang didengari sepupuku yang cool dan sexy itu merupakan lagu tema yang sesuai banget dengan kejadian itu, kematian aku.

Rintihan si Pontianak

Mengilai.Kuat. Ketika setelah mengerjakan Solat Isya' jam 4 pagi.
Mengilai dengan lebih kuat. Jerit. Jeriiiiiiit. Menjerit setelah terbaca.
Pedih.Bagaikan dihiris-hiris dengan pisau yang amat tajam.

Kak Ponti lari bertempiaran tanpa hala tuju.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I came across this while surfing the net:

Famous Couples
: Paul McCartney (Gemini) and Linda McCartney (Libra); Eric Stolz (Libra) and Ally Sheedy (Gemini); Isadora Duncan (Gemini) and Sergei Esenin (Libra); Stevie Nicks (Gemini) and Lyndsay Buckingham (Libra); Marilyn Monroe (Gemini) and Arthur Miller (Libra).

I'm a Gemini. If I were to refer to this, looks like a Libran partner would do me good.
I should produce a new reality show, Libran Lookout.


Night Babbles

Mother Mary was up all night looking for Little Bo-Peep only to came across Sensual Saint stealing a Cherry Pop while jumping over the Wild Cat.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mak Aku Cakap, Bapak Aku Cakap, Kawan Aku Cakap

Mak aku cakap, jangan kejar orang yang tak suka kita, tapi pilih orang yang suka kita.
Tapi aku cakap kat mak aku, kalau aku tak suka orang tu, macam mana aku nak pilih dia?
Aku selalu cakap kat mak aku, aku ada suka satu mamat ni. Aku tanya mak aku macam mana aku nak tackle dia. Mak aku cakap, mak aku pun takde idea. Tu sebab dia cakap kat aku ayat yang kat atas tadi.

Disebabkan aku tak puas hati dengan apa yang mak aku cakap, aku cuba tanya bapak aku pula.
Aku tanya bapak aku, macam mana aku nak tackle mamat yang aku suka tu. Disebabkan mamat tu sikit-sikit ada macam 'character' bapak aku, so aku pun 'excited' la nak dengar jawapan dia.
Tapi bapak aku bagi jawapan yang pelik dan bagi aku tidak masuk akal. Aku bingung.
Mak aku cakap lain, bapak aku cakap lain. Ada ke bapak aku suruh aku pegi high-school reunion dia. Ish, tak logic. Aku bukan dari sekolah tu. Takkan la tiba-tiba je nak pegi. I got face-

Setelah beberapa bulan aku bingung, lalu aku pun bertanya kepada kawan aku.  Kawan aku cakap, kalau aku suka mamat tu, aku patut beritahu dia. Aku cakap kat kawan aku "Gila!". Kawan aku cakap what have I got to lose. Paling-paling if end up mamat tu tak suka aku, at least I will get the answer. Daripada aku simpan dalam hati macam ni dan tak buat apa-apa about it.
Aku rasa ada logiknya cakap kawan aku tu. Hmmm.

Jadi cakap siapakah yang aku patut dengar dan ikot ni?

Cakap mak aku ke, cakap bapak aku ke, cakap kawan aku?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love- Murder Episode

It was late, it was dark, I was driving back home, looking forward to make love to my dad's Mac.
And suddenly I saw them. My heart was beating fast.
Oh my GOD! There was a male, and there was a female, in the dark, I think they were trying to make love.
Staring at each other they were almost still, only some parts of them were moving.
I looked at them, hoping that they wouldn't notice.
I was nervous for a slight moment, not knowing what to do.
Finally I decided to take a left and stopped my car.
Figured I will not be able to drive in sanity if I don't, I do not want to get into an accident.
I just had to do what I had to do.
I can't stand looking at them. My heart was racing like a speed bullet.
I made up my mind.
It's their lives or mine.
Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttt. I pressed the spray long and hard and suffocated them in my car. 
I will NOT let them produce anymore generations. I'm mean? I don't care.
I shall not park near the bushes again.

To hell with them cockroaches.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love to see nice teeth.
I love brushing my teeth.
I love toothpaste.

Parrallel Lives

Could it be possible that there is another form of you in another gender, race, or age?

That you are thinking of something and another person is thinking about it too?

Could it be possible while I'm eating cold leftovers pizza from the fridge without brushing my teeth beforehand simply because I just wokeup and I was plain lazy and the fact that cold leftover pizza's from the fridge tastes better without the minty taste of toothpaste after a morning brush, another guy could be doing the same thing at the exact same time in a different part of the world with the exact similar setting and eating the same flavored leftover pizza of the same size and chewing and biting it at the same time I was chewing it.

Could it be possible that while you are subconciously thinking about a particular person who do not have any close connections with you, he/she is subconciously thinking about you too?

Could it be possible that while you are reading your favorite star's (say Johnny Depp's) blog, he probably loves reading your blog too?

Could it be you are leading parrallel lives with this other person?
Or could it just be a coiincidence?


Stolen Wedding Basket(s)

Hosting a wedding.
The beautiful basket is not meant to be a souvenier.
We will be using it again for another reception.
The aunty took out the contents of the beautiful basket.
Took a bouquet of flower decor from the dining table.
Stuffs it in the beautiful basket.
Opens the car door and lightfully asks me "I'm taking this home ok?"
Before I could even open my lipsticked painted lips to say " I'm sorry no, we're going to use it this week", she slams the car door shut.
Shit, mom's not going to be happy about this.
I told mom.

Family. Some are just, peculiar.
My mom peeked at the car window.
" They took two..." and made a funny face.
And we decided to just let it go.

By the way, the aunty spoke Malay with a strong Javanese accent.

Mind vs Emotions

It's not easy.
Trust me. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I didn't sprinkle rainbows and candies the way you hope I would
I'm sorry for I can't be the person that you say that I should
I'm sorry if my reactions were truly uncalled for
I'm sorry I reacted to the things about you that I don't adore.

I'm sorry I love seatbelts because I do care
I'm sorry if my silence is something you couldn't bear
I'm sorry if you think that I cheated and lied
I'm sorry for I didn't, honest, I have nothing to hide.

I'm sorry that you always think I'm ridiculous,
I'm sorry that sometimes I am sincerely clueless,
I'm sorry that you hate the fact that I phase out often,
I'm sorry that's just my nature, forgive me, amen.

I'm sorry if you think I have OCD,
I'm sorry you're no shrink no doctor no phD,
I'm sorry I'm normal though you don't think so of me,
I'm sorry if I'm unique or normal, just let me be.

I'm sorry I did try as hard as I could
I'm sorry I gave it chances like I normally would
I'm sorry for I think that now I really can't
I'm sorry for I think there is no more chance.

I'm sorry but this may really be tough
I'm sorry if I appear or sound to be rough
I'm sorry for not ending this with a laugh
I'm sorry but for me enough is enough.

Monday, December 7, 2009

High School Crush

It's always a great feeling to like a certain someone the way you liked your high-school crush.
You tend to get nervous whenever he/she's around...
If you were hungry and stuffing your face like a pig but your hunger disappears when he/shows up suddenly...
You constantly think of him/her even during the utmost ridiculous moments...
You feel that there is hope that one day you will be with him/her even though he/she is currently taken by some obnoxious gf/bf... (the word obnoxious used out of spite)
His/her absence drive you nuts...
You breakout in regular daydreams of yourself with him/her...
You find yourself unconciously stalking his/her  class/friendster/myspace/facebook/web page or anything which is somehow directly or indirectly connected to them...
Your heart drops when he/she smiles at you what more if they were to utter even a single word as simple as a 'hi'...
And you wish they knew how you feel about them...

I guess it's the adrenaline rush is what you actually miss.

Adrenaline junkie?


There are those days, those certain moments, when you've had an overwhelming week, when you've been running around like a slave, trying to satisfy everyone...
and their voices in your ears, in your head, seems too noisy...
and you can't take it anymore...
and your blood pressure is rising and your head feel like bursting...
you feel like you want to scream...

SHUT UP EVERYONE, YOU Motherf***ers!!!

And then silence as if you've shot them all dead with a bazooka and finally

PEACE. (at last)