Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Bang boom bash bash boom bang spank dushummm!!!

Thank you. I appreciate it very much. 

Adrenaline. Hungry. Syabas, anda berjaya.

You know who you are.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Shrew by Beirut

Ku tak sangka lagu yang didengari sepupuku yang cool dan sexy itu merupakan lagu tema yang sesuai banget dengan kejadian itu, kematian aku.

Rintihan si Pontianak

Mengilai.Kuat. Ketika setelah mengerjakan Solat Isya' jam 4 pagi.
Mengilai dengan lebih kuat. Jerit. Jeriiiiiiit. Menjerit setelah terbaca.
Pedih.Bagaikan dihiris-hiris dengan pisau yang amat tajam.

Kak Ponti lari bertempiaran tanpa hala tuju.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I came across this while surfing the net:

Famous Couples
: Paul McCartney (Gemini) and Linda McCartney (Libra); Eric Stolz (Libra) and Ally Sheedy (Gemini); Isadora Duncan (Gemini) and Sergei Esenin (Libra); Stevie Nicks (Gemini) and Lyndsay Buckingham (Libra); Marilyn Monroe (Gemini) and Arthur Miller (Libra).

I'm a Gemini. If I were to refer to this, looks like a Libran partner would do me good.
I should produce a new reality show, Libran Lookout.


Night Babbles

Mother Mary was up all night looking for Little Bo-Peep only to came across Sensual Saint stealing a Cherry Pop while jumping over the Wild Cat.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mak Aku Cakap, Bapak Aku Cakap, Kawan Aku Cakap

Mak aku cakap, jangan kejar orang yang tak suka kita, tapi pilih orang yang suka kita.
Tapi aku cakap kat mak aku, kalau aku tak suka orang tu, macam mana aku nak pilih dia?
Aku selalu cakap kat mak aku, aku ada suka satu mamat ni. Aku tanya mak aku macam mana aku nak tackle dia. Mak aku cakap, mak aku pun takde idea. Tu sebab dia cakap kat aku ayat yang kat atas tadi.

Disebabkan aku tak puas hati dengan apa yang mak aku cakap, aku cuba tanya bapak aku pula.
Aku tanya bapak aku, macam mana aku nak tackle mamat yang aku suka tu. Disebabkan mamat tu sikit-sikit ada macam 'character' bapak aku, so aku pun 'excited' la nak dengar jawapan dia.
Tapi bapak aku bagi jawapan yang pelik dan bagi aku tidak masuk akal. Aku bingung.
Mak aku cakap lain, bapak aku cakap lain. Ada ke bapak aku suruh aku pegi high-school reunion dia. Ish, tak logic. Aku bukan dari sekolah tu. Takkan la tiba-tiba je nak pegi. I got face-

Setelah beberapa bulan aku bingung, lalu aku pun bertanya kepada kawan aku.  Kawan aku cakap, kalau aku suka mamat tu, aku patut beritahu dia. Aku cakap kat kawan aku "Gila!". Kawan aku cakap what have I got to lose. Paling-paling if end up mamat tu tak suka aku, at least I will get the answer. Daripada aku simpan dalam hati macam ni dan tak buat apa-apa about it.
Aku rasa ada logiknya cakap kawan aku tu. Hmmm.

Jadi cakap siapakah yang aku patut dengar dan ikot ni?

Cakap mak aku ke, cakap bapak aku ke, cakap kawan aku?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love- Murder Episode

It was late, it was dark, I was driving back home, looking forward to make love to my dad's Mac.
And suddenly I saw them. My heart was beating fast.
Oh my GOD! There was a male, and there was a female, in the dark, I think they were trying to make love.
Staring at each other they were almost still, only some parts of them were moving.
I looked at them, hoping that they wouldn't notice.
I was nervous for a slight moment, not knowing what to do.
Finally I decided to take a left and stopped my car.
Figured I will not be able to drive in sanity if I don't, I do not want to get into an accident.
I just had to do what I had to do.
I can't stand looking at them. My heart was racing like a speed bullet.
I made up my mind.
It's their lives or mine.
Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttt. I pressed the spray long and hard and suffocated them in my car. 
I will NOT let them produce anymore generations. I'm mean? I don't care.
I shall not park near the bushes again.

To hell with them cockroaches.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I love to see nice teeth.
I love brushing my teeth.
I love toothpaste.

Parrallel Lives

Could it be possible that there is another form of you in another gender, race, or age?

That you are thinking of something and another person is thinking about it too?

Could it be possible while I'm eating cold leftovers pizza from the fridge without brushing my teeth beforehand simply because I just wokeup and I was plain lazy and the fact that cold leftover pizza's from the fridge tastes better without the minty taste of toothpaste after a morning brush, another guy could be doing the same thing at the exact same time in a different part of the world with the exact similar setting and eating the same flavored leftover pizza of the same size and chewing and biting it at the same time I was chewing it.

Could it be possible that while you are subconciously thinking about a particular person who do not have any close connections with you, he/she is subconciously thinking about you too?

Could it be possible that while you are reading your favorite star's (say Johnny Depp's) blog, he probably loves reading your blog too?

Could it be you are leading parrallel lives with this other person?
Or could it just be a coiincidence?


Stolen Wedding Basket(s)

Hosting a wedding.
The beautiful basket is not meant to be a souvenier.
We will be using it again for another reception.
The aunty took out the contents of the beautiful basket.
Took a bouquet of flower decor from the dining table.
Stuffs it in the beautiful basket.
Opens the car door and lightfully asks me "I'm taking this home ok?"
Before I could even open my lipsticked painted lips to say " I'm sorry no, we're going to use it this week", she slams the car door shut.
Shit, mom's not going to be happy about this.
I told mom.

Family. Some are just, peculiar.
My mom peeked at the car window.
" They took two..." and made a funny face.
And we decided to just let it go.

By the way, the aunty spoke Malay with a strong Javanese accent.

Mind vs Emotions

It's not easy.
Trust me. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I didn't sprinkle rainbows and candies the way you hope I would
I'm sorry for I can't be the person that you say that I should
I'm sorry if my reactions were truly uncalled for
I'm sorry I reacted to the things about you that I don't adore.

I'm sorry I love seatbelts because I do care
I'm sorry if my silence is something you couldn't bear
I'm sorry if you think that I cheated and lied
I'm sorry for I didn't, honest, I have nothing to hide.

I'm sorry that you always think I'm ridiculous,
I'm sorry that sometimes I am sincerely clueless,
I'm sorry that you hate the fact that I phase out often,
I'm sorry that's just my nature, forgive me, amen.

I'm sorry if you think I have OCD,
I'm sorry you're no shrink no doctor no phD,
I'm sorry I'm normal though you don't think so of me,
I'm sorry if I'm unique or normal, just let me be.

I'm sorry I did try as hard as I could
I'm sorry I gave it chances like I normally would
I'm sorry for I think that now I really can't
I'm sorry for I think there is no more chance.

I'm sorry but this may really be tough
I'm sorry if I appear or sound to be rough
I'm sorry for not ending this with a laugh
I'm sorry but for me enough is enough.

Monday, December 7, 2009

High School Crush

It's always a great feeling to like a certain someone the way you liked your high-school crush.
You tend to get nervous whenever he/she's around...
If you were hungry and stuffing your face like a pig but your hunger disappears when he/shows up suddenly...
You constantly think of him/her even during the utmost ridiculous moments...
You feel that there is hope that one day you will be with him/her even though he/she is currently taken by some obnoxious gf/bf... (the word obnoxious used out of spite)
His/her absence drive you nuts...
You breakout in regular daydreams of yourself with him/her...
You find yourself unconciously stalking his/her  class/friendster/myspace/facebook/web page or anything which is somehow directly or indirectly connected to them...
Your heart drops when he/she smiles at you what more if they were to utter even a single word as simple as a 'hi'...
And you wish they knew how you feel about them...

I guess it's the adrenaline rush is what you actually miss.

Adrenaline junkie?


There are those days, those certain moments, when you've had an overwhelming week, when you've been running around like a slave, trying to satisfy everyone...
and their voices in your ears, in your head, seems too noisy...
and you can't take it anymore...
and your blood pressure is rising and your head feel like bursting...
you feel like you want to scream...

SHUT UP EVERYONE, YOU Motherf***ers!!!

And then silence as if you've shot them all dead with a bazooka and finally

PEACE. (at last)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Them Lil Things

1. Notices that you're not eating / your food has not arrived.
2. Voluntarily put some food on your plate.
3. Put some food on your plate when you needed help.
4. Educate you new things without being a show-off.
5. Replies your sms.
6. Returns your calls.
7. Nerd flirts.
8. Voluntarily help to carry your things.
9. Doesn't impose.
10. Loyal.
11. Smoke the ciggies that you can tolerate.
12. Use seatbelts.
13. Team player.
14. Prays.
15. Non-alcoholic.
16. Listens.
17. Ability to communicate.
18. Respects your space.
19. Respects that you have your opinion and decision.
20. Respect and get along with your family.
21. Agrees to disagree.
22. Loves you for who you are.
23. Reasonable PDA.
24. Peaceful.
25. Understanding.
26. Performing Arts.
27. Reads.
28. Realistic.
29. Fantasy.
30. Gym, sports.
31. Generous.
32. Caring.
33. Writes. (bonus)
34. Excellent with numbers.
35. Bedtastic.
36. Honest.
37. Non cheater.
38. Positive energy.
39. Loving.
40. Will be with you through thick and thin.

And the list goes on...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reconnected Goodbye

Hilang, senyap, sepi.
Hilang senyap sepi hingga lupa.
Bukan sengaja, terlupa.
Siapa suruh hilang, kan sudah terlupa.

Siapa, siapa?
Terdetik, tergamam.
Terkejut, tergamam.

Hubungi, tolong angkat.
Komunikasi bermula.
Seperti dahulu, lebih ceria.
Tiada beza, cuma
Selamat tinggal,
Asalkan bahagia.
Ku akan bahagia.

Reconnected, Goodbye.

You don't want?

Says a foreign man in his 40s to a young man in his late 20s somewhere in KL
" What is she doing. Why you don't want her?"
Says the young man " Err..she's my friend"
Says the matured man " You don't want her?"
Young man grins.." err hahahehehuuu *speechless*"
Man in his 40s "You don't want her, I want her."
Says the girl to her friend in his late 20s " *Speechless* Ok ok let's get out of here. What the hell...!"

The question:
 a)Where do you think this conversation took place in KL?
 b) What exactly was the activity while the conversation was taking place?

*Susahnya nak obtain something kan?*

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My heart stopped.
Fate, destiny, or Luck?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Chase thy not, be still.
Love will come, it will.
Chase thy not, be still.
As love betides when still.
Believe thyself,you must.
Differentiate between love and lust.
Chase thy not, be still.
Love will come, it will."

By: Andartu Timbuktu
-Copyrights of Andartu Timbuktu-

Saturday, September 26, 2009


No choice.
Spoilt for choice.
Making the right choice.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Gush of Wind

A gush of wind.


And Then....?

And then......?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It was wonderful to have been defined as a U.M.L.

Chronology of Reasons

To have lost trust in a loved one, only to discover your own self

To have lost a loved one, only to find others who can love you

To have lost a friend as a sister, only to reunite with a long lost childhood bestfriend

To have frustrations at work, only to discover the crave for higher education and other career options

To have been criticized for eccentric ideas, only to be given the belief by a mentor that the ideas are acceptable

To have encountered new acquaintances, only to force you to think and make wise decisions

To have perserverance, only to achieve the ultimate dream.

To have. To live. To life. To everything.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Escapism - Infedility

I finally understand men' s concept of escapism, not that I totally agree with it, but I understand.

I was in a meeting last Thursday, and that's when I realized that I'm doing it, what a lot of men do, especially married men.

I begin to understand why they just 'agree' with their wives, even though they disagree, and I begin to understand why 'unhappy' men resort to infidelity.

Please understand that I am not saying that infidelity is right, and I definitely am NOT a big fan of infidelity in relationships and marriages but I'm beginning to understand why some people do it.

Husbands agree to their wives just to keep the peace and harmony, to avoid further conflicts.
They adopt the ' The wife is always right'  ideology.

Husbands tend to phase out when they are with their wives, if they are unhappy, wishing that they are somewhere else.

Unhappy husbands tend to find excitement 'out of the house' to escape reality.

This process often lead to infidelity for some, and the next thing they know, they are cheating on their wives.

In my case:

Me= Husband    ;   Work/Meetings/Bosses = Wife

Last Thursday I was doing it. I didn't realize it at first, and then it hit me. I'm a cheating husband! I'm cheating on my wife.

I don't cheat on relationships but I'm cheating on my work.

Guess I'm probably just as bad. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Seorang pengembara wanita sedang mengembara.(duhh)
Pengembara mempunya objektif utama iaitu mencari sesuatu yang telah lama dia mencari.
Tetapi apabila ditanya apakah yang dicari, pengembara tersebut gagal memberi jawapan yang tepat.
Jadi, apakah yang dicari?
Sebuah kitab memberi nasihat, bahawa sekiranya mencari seseorang (musuh, rakan, kawan, kenalan etc. etc.) adalah perlu kita mengenali diri kita sendiri dahulu. Mengenali apakah ciri-ciri kita dari semua aspek, adakah kita mengenali diri kita?
Most of the time, we fail to answer precisely. We tend to give very ambiguous answers.
So the essence of the book is that, only find someone we would love forever,and we can only do that when we have learnt and understood who we really are.
Pengembara wanita tersentak, lalu menghentikan pengembaraan.
Pengembara wanita berfikir selama 3 saat, lalu berpatah balik, ingin pulang.
Pengembara wanita pulang ke rumah dan mengambil kitab tersebut dari almari tingkat ketiga dan cuba mengenali diri sendiri.

And she thought she knew herself very well. Maybe she's wrong. 


Some worms are found in fruits, some in soil.
Some worms are found in stale food, some worms are found in corpse.
Some worms are found in books.
Some 'blondes' have found their long lost side of being bookworms.
Some of those blondes were not even born blonde.
Maybe it's not even many blondes, maybe it's A blonde. One. Like Uno.
But because she still looks blonde (it could even be a he), people tend to underestimate her (or it could be a him).

It's ok to be a bookworm. And look blonde at the same time.

Bookworm = ulat buku (in Malay)


You see. You observe. Wait a minute, wait a minute. It looks familiar. It sounds familiar. Then  you observe again. Just to make sure. Your brain automatically starts analyzing the bits and pieces of information. Your brain sends signals to your heart. Your heart starts pumping, slowly, and then it began to pump faster and faster sending the blood running through your veins in a peculiar manner, in a speed that it has never been flowing before.
Then everything stops. Your brain sends positive signals, positive waves, making you shiver and then..finally.. 


It's definite. You are convinced that you've found it. The missing piece.

And then your indecisive self, is unsure again.

Wait arr..BINGO or NOT..?Aiyaaa...

Forbidden Fruit

Why does the forbidden fruit seem more appetizing, delicious, interesting, irresitable?

Were they made to be forbidden on purpose? Just to make it more exciting? So that it increases our level of curiosity?

Just to create some kind of thrill? 

I want that forbidden fruit.

Beku- Frozen

It's like I'm frozen. I don't know what to do. What steps should I take to make it happen?

I need to defrost.


After a certain age, there are times when you suddenly feel stupid, or Jadi Bodoh.
The things you were so good at, and the skills that you sharpened, been sharpening..became so sharp..that you suddenly don't know what to do, you don't know how to act, or react.

Apsal la aku jadi bodoh tiba-tiba ni. What should I do?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Don't do this, Don't do that
Don't wear this, Don't wear that
Don't say no, Don't object
Don't refuse, Don't speak up
Don't, Don't, Don't

Too many Don'ts these days.
My answer : DON'T BOTHER lah.

When it happens slowly inside you

You know you just have to do something about it when...

When it happens slowly inside you.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Two beautiful single girls seated on a table outside Pelita Bangsar. It was 5 am. They have been sitting ther for almost 6 hours after attending an Art Event launched by U-Wei.

The place was full of people who just finished clubbing.

In front of their table was a group of clubbers, a horny couple was expressing their love towards each other. It made the girl in the colorful striped jacket sick. So she looked to her left and got sicker because a girl on the other table was actually Frenching a guy, her boyfriend maybe, so she looked back at 12 o clock but then there was a couple holding hands. Ok, not too bad she thought.

And then tiba-tiba...

Dashed a nerdy innocent looking Indian guy screaming and shouting at the top of his head. He started pushing the guy whom the girl was Frenching just now.

They were fighting over that girl. Sah sah that nerd guy kena main kayu tiga, kesian dia.

The fight went on and on and on.

The girl in the colored striped shirt felt like saying to the nerd guy " Bunga bukan sekuntum brother...lagipun bunga yang dia fight for tu pun tak la harum sangat pon..kami kan ada."

What a scene.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


You know, sometimes you look at some photos, and you get this rush.
Some kinda adrenaline rush.
Sometimes a rush of happiness, sometimes a rush of fear.

I sit, I think, I ponder

There have been many questions still unanswered.
Not everyone agrees on confrontations.

I sit, I think, I ponder.


Life. Simple for some, complex for some.
Life. It goes on no matter what.
Life. Good things happen, bad things happen.
Life. People come, people go.
Life. We love, we lost.

At the end of the day, we just have to move on...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Muntah, Hijau
Muak, Kuning
Marah, Merah
Dendam, Hitam



Saturday, May 16, 2009




As much as I love to eat chicken sometimes, be it Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Korean BBQ Chicken, I absolutely cannot stand people who are 'CHICKENS'.

Don't be a chicken, take responsibility, be brave.

If something is wrong, don't be a chicken to correct it.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

The movie is out, based on the book.

This post is related to the one below.

When a person is giving busy as an excuse that person is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

A smack of reality, this book is. Can't wait to see the movie.

You gotta be tough enough to read it.

I'm Busy

If you are really into something or someone, you will somehow find some time to slot in for that person or thing.

" I'm busy" is a typical excuse. You can never be too busy to answer a call, or to even send a nice text to a person if he/she means something to you.

So there.

Anonymous Accounts

Nope, I'm not talking about bank accounts here. I'm talking about online networking accounts; ie Friendster, Facebook etc2.

A lot of times men and women create different user accounts of Friendster and Facebook etc so that their partners won't come to know about it; so they think.

Usually used as a platform for flirting, dating or finding casual sex; all elements which leads to cheating on the other half.

If it will ruin your relationship with your loved ones,

Why do it?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Issues & Problems

3 Ways to handle issues & problems:

1. Accept it
2. Avoid or run away from it
3. Solve it

I choose number 3.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

Gosh nobody reminded me that it was Friday the 13th yesterday.

Friday the 13th is usually associated to BAD LUCK.

But I felt lucky yesterday.

So is Friday the 13th a myth after all?

When it made me smile

A lovely Saturday morning

I saw things that I don't usually see

A man holding a guitar with his family, going to perform I presume, I smiled.

A white man with a white kid on his left hand and a black kid on his right in the lift, going for a walk I presume, I smiled.

As I walked out of the lift, a busy man with a laptop sitting on the stairs, his son riding a toy motorbike in front of him, how he tries to balance his work-life and family, I smiled.

Along came a car with well-dressed males looking as if they were ready to perform in a show, I assumed that they were waiting for the man with the guitar upstairs, I smiled.

A couple putting their comforter in their car, ready to head to the laundry I presumed, they looked happy, I smiled.

Everyone was smiling this morning, everyone looked happy.

A lovely Saturday morning, and it made me smile.


Ain't effective. Don't understand why many still do it.

I am..


Monday, March 9, 2009


Terngiang-ngiang kata Robima Malaya: Hati ini milik Tuhan (The heart belongs to GOD)


Fantasy is an escapism from reality


Almost got hit by a bus today whilst walking
Almost hit a car because it emergency braked


Friday, February 6, 2009

Burst Button

There are times when I wish that I can press the Burst Button where it can make me:

1. Spontaneously combust
2. Disappear into thin air
3. Become invisible until I wish to be visible again

or I will be taken to LALALAND.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Short-Skirt Dilemma

A conversation with a beloved girlfriend very recently striked the idea of this post. It is about, as the title may suggest, short-skirted girls; zooming in closely on Malay girls especially.

In a typical Malay society, 'short-skirt wearing' girls are pretty much still being judged upon. Deny it or not, like it or not- it's still happening.

Scenario A.

A beautiful woman, dressed in a short skirt with a sexy slit at the back made huge sales at her work place.

The first thing that comes to a typical Malay mind: "Hmpphh..eleh..dia tu..memang la boleh juai benda..dok pi menayang peha betih (betis) sana sini dok pakai skirt pendek yang tak cukup kain tu.."

Reality check: She's a smart woman, whom probably was a nerd in school but happens to have a lot of money to beautify herself with beautiful clothes to enhance her image. However the sales were made based on her skills and intelligence of convincing her customers. No form of flirting, sex, or other nonsense was involved.

Scenario B.

Cik Jah has a son, a graduate who is currently working in a big firm, earning very well and is looking for a suitable candidate to be his loyal and legal wife.

Cik Jah and son is looking out for options so they attend social gatherings, kenduri, parties (parti tupperware kot?) etc2.

Cik Jah met Aunty Liza who has a newly graduated daughter a beautiful single girl named Irina, who sets her dyed hair beautifully and often found to be wearing elegant dresses and short sassy skirts. Aunty Liza and family are Muslims and practices Islam as a way of life (perform prayers, read the Al-Quran, perform Umrah/Hajj etc) only that they are liberal minded and are not strict in terms of dressing or wearing the hijjab/veil. Irina performs her daily prayers without fail, reads the Holy Quran whenever she can, and is a strong believer.

Then along came Cik Kiah who brought her single daughter a Law graduate from International Islamic University named Fatima. Cik Kiah, a very conservative Muslim believes that her daughters should be fully covered up and in no circumstances should they refuse to wear their veils/hijjab. Else they will get into trouble.

In actual fact, Fatima loves wearing skimpy clothes and takes off her veil whenever she can especially when she is out of her parents' sight. Fatima is an alcoholic and goes out drinking every other night, her parents have no idea about this. She only performs her prayers when her parents forces her to, she is not a strong believer.

Question: Whom will Cik Jah and bachelor son perceive as to be the most suitable candidate to be the future wife for her beloved son?

Answer: Of course Cik Jah and son saw Fatima as the most suitable candidate to become a wife. (No guesses lah, that wasn't hard was it?)

No matter how good we girls are, and no matter how strong our beliefs are,even if we pray and we don't drink etc. as long as we are wearing our short skirts, we will not be seen as a 'wife material', and will always be the girl in the short skirt. (According to the typical Malay perspective).

But being a hypocrite is worse than wearing a short skirt..SO yes girlfriends..let's go shopping for more short skirts!

Jom beli skirt pendek banyak-banyak! :) Yeay!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Insomniac Ideas

When you want to sleep but you can't, the best thing to do is write.

You will never know whether someone really loves you or not.

Answers come without us having to look for it.

I love cooking, and I cook for the people that I love. But cooking chicken and mashed potatoes will make my heart bleed, don't ask me why.

Honesty hurts when it is not returned.

Loyalty hurts when it is not returned.

I believe in monogamy.

Infidelity is unacceptable.

Rainbows and clouds are pretty. It makes me smile.

Heartaches make you numb.

I will never eat rabbits. They are too cute to be eaten. But cooking rabbits won't make my heart bleed.

I am sleepy now. Knew that would do it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peculiar Dream No. 2

This dream happened about 2 nights ago, I think. It was somewhat dark and creepy.

There was a man, very good looking, tall, and had long silky hair up to his neck. He was my leader. I remembered being a very loyal assistant to this man.

He went around, biting and slaughtering living creatures for a purpose. Not to kill, but for them to be as how they were, only more beautiful.

You are not to fight nor retaliate. If you disturb the process, you will turn into an ugly beast, a horrid looking creature and will remain like that forever.

The first, he slaughtered an old lady, but she retaliated and ran away. She remained living as an ugly beast.

Of course in the process of slaughtering and being beautiful, each creature has to go through a phase where they turn ugly.

The second was a fox. The fox barely fought- he turned into a nice golden brown fox, even more beautiful than before.

The man and I went into a hospital, looking for more creatures to be turned into our followers, to cure them our way.

The hospital was an old English building, very British and grey.

It was a gloomy grey winter weather.

What a dream.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peculiar Dream No. 1

This dream was a while back, it was last year but I was busy with theater I did not get a chance to write about it.

I was wearing white, and so was the rest of my people. We were all dressed in Roman Greek attire, white cloths that we wore as robes.

We were in a huge mansion, very royal, the interior was a cross of Roman, Greek and Egyptian.
There were many of us and I remembered holding a sword. We were laughing, eating grapes, some of us were talking, the children playing games with each other.

When suddenly the main door opened, and came in a troop of Egyptians dressed in black robes, each had straight slick Cleopatra hair, black thick eyebrows and eyes painted with shining black mascara.

The black-robed Egyptians were holding a shining gold sword each, all aiming to attack my people.

It all happened so fast, and the last thing I remembered was I was the only white-robed person left, tired from fighting but still standing strong holding my sword.

The Egyptians stared at me, and realizing this I ran as fast as I could towards the garden where my people were kept in captive in beautiful white tents made of glass and wood.
I unlocked the door and freed my people. I did not even realize that I fought till we won the war.

The Egyptians fled and then I woke up, feeling really tired and confused.

What a dream, and no I did not watch any sort of movies or read anything war or warrior related before that.

So yeah I'm still wondering what it means.