Saturday, June 28, 2014

And again.. one more time I have missed yet another boat. It's heartbreaking enough to find out through friends or by the mister himself that he's getting married, or "Hey by the way, I got married last night!" but getting to know through Facebook? It's just even more frustrating.

I don't usually write about this, but last night a highly potential candidate, whom I've been trying (though not very hard) to get a date with-changed his FB status to " married to so and so".

And at that very moment when I read the status, for the very first in a long time I could hear the rocks crumble around me as if an earthquake had just occurred.

Then the questions started swarming my head and ears- " When?How?I never knew he was dating!How did he get married to this girl?! Wait. Who is this girl? Ugh. Agh." then Whatsapp-ed a common friend  " Babe! OMG. Did you know that so-and-so got married tonight???!!".

Though bitter-heartbrokened-frustrated-snapped-crumbled and a million other feelings running through my veins and bloodstream,  I guess this is where the lessons on "Destiny", "Soulmate", "Mate" and "Fate" comes into the story. If it ain't meant to be, it ain't meant to be. If he ain't yours, he won't be yours no matter how hard you've tried.

Bak kata orang Melayu, " Kalau dah takde jodoh tu takde le…tapi kalau dah jodoh tu..tak ke mana..".

Meanwhile, let's move forward and keep on praying.Next! *snaps fingers*