Saturday, September 27, 2008


2 hot women, both will make all straight men wonder, why on earth are they still single?

Maybe they are 'somewhat' attached- in a relationship by name, with a man each in their hearts, but unfortunately aren't able to spend enough time with their partners. One because of a long distance relationship; the other because though they are in the same district, but the relationship is almost as if it was a long-distance one because her partner has goals to achieve in life, thus she (apparently) is NOT his first priority at the moment.

2 hot lonely women as they are, spent almost 4 hours chatting on the phone on life, relationships and such.

Men can be complicated; they both said, but yet we fall in love with them.

These 2 beautiful dominant women finally came to a solution, they made a vow.

Should they reach a certain age and they both are unable to commit in a marriage with the opposite sex, they promised to start a life together. Live together and adopt a child, preferably one which is not of their race.

Love's a heartache. All a woman wants is a life, a plan, a companion. If they can't get it from the opposite sex, a companion of the same gender is another option.

A woman just wants someone to talk to, someone to share opinions and things with.

A woman just wants to be loved.

2 women with the same wants, decided to live together one day, should they both fail to find their prince.

Yes, today, they made a vow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Love is that tight feeling in the chest when you feel that you've lost them, or losing them

Love is the making up after the big arguments over silly things

Love is trying to adapt to each other despite the huge differences

Love is being able to let go

Love is being able to trust

Love is about giving them space

Love is that uneasy feeling when your partner is doing something wrong

Love is when you miss them

Love is sharing sweet moments

Love is doing something together

Love hurts but

Love is also wonderful

I've lost and loved again many times and I've found love again and this time, I pray that I won't lose again.

For those who have loved and lost their loved ones, be patient, love will come to you once again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Sukar difahami






Dugaan dan godaan


Kemarahan dan kebencian







Sunday, September 14, 2008


She's married!

She's just delivered a baby!

She's getting engaged!

Her wedding is next month!

She's getting engaged end of this year!

And she's getting engaged NEXT year!


Not ready.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We all have our own stories, some with no end.

We live each day wondering how the story will end.

Sometimes we think we want it to end, but we actually don't.

Sometimes it has ended, but we refuse to believe it because we are expecting a different ending.

Sometimes we are just dying to know whether things will work out differently.

We hope, and sometimes we hope too much.

And sometimes we try to change fate, because we can't accept.

But when we have found the answer and the reasons behind, we are free.

We are able to let go.

We will then acknowledge The Closure.

We smile, then life goes on.

I'm free.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I.K.E.A Ramadhan Buffet

Ramblings of a fussy eater, you will hear. Last weekend I went to check out IKEA's Ramadhan Buffet and unfortunately it was very disappointing.

With Swedish Meatballs's in my mind I was rather excited during the ride to IKEA.

But when I got there, the menu written on the so called green board KILLED my wild imagination and cravings that I had in the car.

I was like " Wottt?? Malay menu? What happened to my meatballs?".

The menu for that day was Ayam Masak Minang, Mee Siam, Rice and so on..yes the typical menu that you can get at any other Malay Restaurant near your home or office.

Damn it. If I wanted to eat these stuff 'baik aku pegi Restoran Melayu kat rumah je, tak pun makan kat rumah lagi bagus'.

The buffet costs RM 15.90 per pax for adults. (Ughhh I felt so cheated!).

The food was not all that bad lah but it did not match my imagination.

Well I guess that was my 'rezeki' for the day, but the best part of the Buka Puasa was the 'company' that I was with.

Unless you're up for Malay/Asian Food, forget IKEA's Ramadhan Buffet.

If any of you happen to be an IKEA staff, tell your management that as much as I appreciate their efforts of going local, just retain the lovely Swedish FOOD lah coz they are sooo YUMMY.

Else IKEA won't be a favourite place for customers like me, and I'm telling ya' our population is kinda large.

Monday, September 1, 2008


As you all can see, the blog has been idle for quite some time as I have been busy performing for 'Ismail- The Last Days'- a musical which is close to my heart.

It has been a wonderful bittersweet experience- the joy, tears, heartaches and most importantly the bloom of beautiful friendships.

This is the first Tuesday that I will not have anything to look forward to after 4 months or so; and honestly this soul feels somewhat LOST.

I'm back to becoming a Corporate Bitch- and Corporate Bitch only. After getting used to becoming a Corporate Bitch by day and a VERY happy actress by night, tuning back to becoming a Corporate Bitch ONLY is kinda hard. Thus I'm browsing for more acting jobs to further develop myself in my desired career.

I miss the hustle bustle of rushing off from Corporate Day Job to get to KLPAC on time as I didn't want to be even one second late for rehearsals.

I miss the sound checks, having to own a mic (vain, vain) all to yourself for a whole month.

I miss the noisy dressing room and the smelly boys going in and out of it.

I miss the stories we share with each other in the dressing room.

I miss my dressing table with my name on it (vanity, again).

I miss all the costumes with my name on it (more vanity).

I miss the friends whom I now consider as family.

The production has been a GREAT experience for me and though the production has ended, I hope that this is NOT the end but the beginning of a bright future.