Sunday, May 1, 2011


So I met this girl once upon a time in a dance class and thought she was really hot.
Not only she was beautiful, she had a pleasant character. I was surprised she wasn't a snob. That was what made her hotter. I saw her once a week, and loved the way she danced. It's amazing how one girl could give you such motivation by just... being there.
After graduating, I never saw her again. I lost my 'antique' phone, so I've lost her number. Facebook was non-existent then and I forgot to take her Friendster ID. I doubt she even had one. Or maybe she had. The point is we've lost touch.

A few years later when I've stopped dancing, I met a guy. I was really attracted to this guy even though he wasn't the hottest guy I've ever had but I loved being around him. I laughed at his jokes, he teased mine. We could talk and tell each other everything. I was falling in love with him when we found out we liked the same girl. To make it worse, she was the love of his life. They actually dated. I felt a rush of jealousy going through my veins.

Now she's married to a man who lies to her. Only the guy and I know this. So sad. This guy I was seeing actually said that he'd definitely marry her if she got divorced or widowed.

There was a sudden silence. I didn't know whether I was jealous because he loved her so much or the fact that we both loved the same girl.

I think it was the latter.