Monday, November 30, 2009

Them Lil Things

1. Notices that you're not eating / your food has not arrived.
2. Voluntarily put some food on your plate.
3. Put some food on your plate when you needed help.
4. Educate you new things without being a show-off.
5. Replies your sms.
6. Returns your calls.
7. Nerd flirts.
8. Voluntarily help to carry your things.
9. Doesn't impose.
10. Loyal.
11. Smoke the ciggies that you can tolerate.
12. Use seatbelts.
13. Team player.
14. Prays.
15. Non-alcoholic.
16. Listens.
17. Ability to communicate.
18. Respects your space.
19. Respects that you have your opinion and decision.
20. Respect and get along with your family.
21. Agrees to disagree.
22. Loves you for who you are.
23. Reasonable PDA.
24. Peaceful.
25. Understanding.
26. Performing Arts.
27. Reads.
28. Realistic.
29. Fantasy.
30. Gym, sports.
31. Generous.
32. Caring.
33. Writes. (bonus)
34. Excellent with numbers.
35. Bedtastic.
36. Honest.
37. Non cheater.
38. Positive energy.
39. Loving.
40. Will be with you through thick and thin.

And the list goes on...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Reconnected Goodbye

Hilang, senyap, sepi.
Hilang senyap sepi hingga lupa.
Bukan sengaja, terlupa.
Siapa suruh hilang, kan sudah terlupa.

Siapa, siapa?
Terdetik, tergamam.
Terkejut, tergamam.

Hubungi, tolong angkat.
Komunikasi bermula.
Seperti dahulu, lebih ceria.
Tiada beza, cuma
Selamat tinggal,
Asalkan bahagia.
Ku akan bahagia.

Reconnected, Goodbye.

You don't want?

Says a foreign man in his 40s to a young man in his late 20s somewhere in KL
" What is she doing. Why you don't want her?"
Says the young man " Err..she's my friend"
Says the matured man " You don't want her?"
Young man grins.." err hahahehehuuu *speechless*"
Man in his 40s "You don't want her, I want her."
Says the girl to her friend in his late 20s " *Speechless* Ok ok let's get out of here. What the hell...!"

The question:
 a)Where do you think this conversation took place in KL?
 b) What exactly was the activity while the conversation was taking place?

*Susahnya nak obtain something kan?*

Sunday, November 22, 2009


My heart stopped.
Fate, destiny, or Luck?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Chase thy not, be still.
Love will come, it will.
Chase thy not, be still.
As love betides when still.
Believe thyself,you must.
Differentiate between love and lust.
Chase thy not, be still.
Love will come, it will."

By: Andartu Timbuktu
-Copyrights of Andartu Timbuktu-