Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Short-Skirt Dilemma

A conversation with a beloved girlfriend very recently striked the idea of this post. It is about, as the title may suggest, short-skirted girls; zooming in closely on Malay girls especially.

In a typical Malay society, 'short-skirt wearing' girls are pretty much still being judged upon. Deny it or not, like it or not- it's still happening.

Scenario A.

A beautiful woman, dressed in a short skirt with a sexy slit at the back made huge sales at her work place.

The first thing that comes to a typical Malay mind: "Hmpphh..eleh..dia tu..memang la boleh juai benda..dok pi menayang peha betih (betis) sana sini dok pakai skirt pendek yang tak cukup kain tu.."

Reality check: She's a smart woman, whom probably was a nerd in school but happens to have a lot of money to beautify herself with beautiful clothes to enhance her image. However the sales were made based on her skills and intelligence of convincing her customers. No form of flirting, sex, or other nonsense was involved.

Scenario B.

Cik Jah has a son, a graduate who is currently working in a big firm, earning very well and is looking for a suitable candidate to be his loyal and legal wife.

Cik Jah and son is looking out for options so they attend social gatherings, kenduri, parties (parti tupperware kot?) etc2.

Cik Jah met Aunty Liza who has a newly graduated daughter a beautiful single girl named Irina, who sets her dyed hair beautifully and often found to be wearing elegant dresses and short sassy skirts. Aunty Liza and family are Muslims and practices Islam as a way of life (perform prayers, read the Al-Quran, perform Umrah/Hajj etc) only that they are liberal minded and are not strict in terms of dressing or wearing the hijjab/veil. Irina performs her daily prayers without fail, reads the Holy Quran whenever she can, and is a strong believer.

Then along came Cik Kiah who brought her single daughter a Law graduate from International Islamic University named Fatima. Cik Kiah, a very conservative Muslim believes that her daughters should be fully covered up and in no circumstances should they refuse to wear their veils/hijjab. Else they will get into trouble.

In actual fact, Fatima loves wearing skimpy clothes and takes off her veil whenever she can especially when she is out of her parents' sight. Fatima is an alcoholic and goes out drinking every other night, her parents have no idea about this. She only performs her prayers when her parents forces her to, she is not a strong believer.

Question: Whom will Cik Jah and bachelor son perceive as to be the most suitable candidate to be the future wife for her beloved son?

Answer: Of course Cik Jah and son saw Fatima as the most suitable candidate to become a wife. (No guesses lah, that wasn't hard was it?)

No matter how good we girls are, and no matter how strong our beliefs are,even if we pray and we don't drink etc. as long as we are wearing our short skirts, we will not be seen as a 'wife material', and will always be the girl in the short skirt. (According to the typical Malay perspective).

But being a hypocrite is worse than wearing a short skirt..SO yes girlfriends..let's go shopping for more short skirts!

Jom beli skirt pendek banyak-banyak! :) Yeay!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Insomniac Ideas

When you want to sleep but you can't, the best thing to do is write.

You will never know whether someone really loves you or not.

Answers come without us having to look for it.

I love cooking, and I cook for the people that I love. But cooking chicken and mashed potatoes will make my heart bleed, don't ask me why.

Honesty hurts when it is not returned.

Loyalty hurts when it is not returned.

I believe in monogamy.

Infidelity is unacceptable.

Rainbows and clouds are pretty. It makes me smile.

Heartaches make you numb.

I will never eat rabbits. They are too cute to be eaten. But cooking rabbits won't make my heart bleed.

I am sleepy now. Knew that would do it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Peculiar Dream No. 2

This dream happened about 2 nights ago, I think. It was somewhat dark and creepy.

There was a man, very good looking, tall, and had long silky hair up to his neck. He was my leader. I remembered being a very loyal assistant to this man.

He went around, biting and slaughtering living creatures for a purpose. Not to kill, but for them to be as how they were, only more beautiful.

You are not to fight nor retaliate. If you disturb the process, you will turn into an ugly beast, a horrid looking creature and will remain like that forever.

The first, he slaughtered an old lady, but she retaliated and ran away. She remained living as an ugly beast.

Of course in the process of slaughtering and being beautiful, each creature has to go through a phase where they turn ugly.

The second was a fox. The fox barely fought- he turned into a nice golden brown fox, even more beautiful than before.

The man and I went into a hospital, looking for more creatures to be turned into our followers, to cure them our way.

The hospital was an old English building, very British and grey.

It was a gloomy grey winter weather.

What a dream.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Peculiar Dream No. 1

This dream was a while back, it was last year but I was busy with theater I did not get a chance to write about it.

I was wearing white, and so was the rest of my people. We were all dressed in Roman Greek attire, white cloths that we wore as robes.

We were in a huge mansion, very royal, the interior was a cross of Roman, Greek and Egyptian.
There were many of us and I remembered holding a sword. We were laughing, eating grapes, some of us were talking, the children playing games with each other.

When suddenly the main door opened, and came in a troop of Egyptians dressed in black robes, each had straight slick Cleopatra hair, black thick eyebrows and eyes painted with shining black mascara.

The black-robed Egyptians were holding a shining gold sword each, all aiming to attack my people.

It all happened so fast, and the last thing I remembered was I was the only white-robed person left, tired from fighting but still standing strong holding my sword.

The Egyptians stared at me, and realizing this I ran as fast as I could towards the garden where my people were kept in captive in beautiful white tents made of glass and wood.
I unlocked the door and freed my people. I did not even realize that I fought till we won the war.

The Egyptians fled and then I woke up, feeling really tired and confused.

What a dream, and no I did not watch any sort of movies or read anything war or warrior related before that.

So yeah I'm still wondering what it means.