Wednesday, April 30, 2008


RATS. Why do people want to be rats? Why do they even bother participating in the rat-race? Especially in a corporate rat-race?
I'm not keen on the rat-race, but I have to be here, witnessing the rats trying to prove themselves. Blurghh!

Maybe.. just maybe, the reason I have to be here is due to the following opinion or suggestion:

"You might not consider yourself an intellectual, but someone else does. They admire your thoughtful nature and will make moves today to pick your brain a bit about a problem they are trying to solve. Give them all the time you can, and invite them along if you have to run errands. You can make good use of the travel time by getting to know them better, and letting them get to know you. Get ready for an interesting conversation -- they have a lot of questions you have never considered before."

I'm no RAT. That opinion was from my Horoscope predictions for today. I'm a sucker for zodiacs - I KNOW.... (bimbo style)

Sunday, April 20, 2008


At my graduation party last Saturday there was a discussion on the emotion called 'jealousy' (I'm sure everyone knows what THAT emotion is).
As actors and actresses need to study 6 emotions in the earlier stages of acting, jealousy was an emotion which was not included in our exercise.

Nevertheless, in the more advanced classes jealousy will be an emotion that we will need to study and portray which, I will DEFINITELY
have NO PROBLEM portraying at all -I think. Ok fine, I'm sure.

One of my fellow actor friends mentioned " Oh.. Jealousy is an ugly thing" which was countered by our lovely instructor
who then mentioned that JEALOUSY is a beautiful thing.

Really now, how can Jealousy be 'a beautiful thing?', most of us were wondering. But to come and think about it, I'd have to agree that it can be beautiful.

In my opinion, Jealousy can be something beautiful as it portrays how much you love
that person or something that it turns into this feeling of envy which then make you turn sour as a stinge of deviously deep hidden anger
conquers you.

Well somehow JEALOUSY has been 'the' word of Saturday night and Sunday. On Sunday morning I woke up feeling a deep wound of JEALOUSY. That squeezing
sour feeling that oozes and cut you deep in your heart like lemon juice and salt on a bleeding wound, soaking sllloooowwwly.

You know how sometimes simple things which used to be a 'NO BIGGIE' to you suddenly becomes a 'FUCKING BIG DEAL' and suddenly it
makes you experience this 'so-called beautiful emotion' called J.E.A.L.O.U.S.Y.

And to shrug-off that feeling of 'unnecessary jealousy'(is it?) I just HAD to write about it so that I vent the emotion
at the right place, not on 'the person'.

Honestly, no matter how beautiful this feeling is, I absofuckinglutely HATE IT. ARGHHHHHHH! ( Punch Punch Kick Kick Punch!!!)