Monday, June 30, 2008


One of my fellow actor friends in Ismail The Musical inspired me to write this post tonight. Yes, I do realize that most of my posts in this blog are mostly reflecting angst-simply because when anger strikes, the healthiest thing to do is to let it out.

Hence the blog becomes 'THE VICTIM'. (Kasihan dia...)

Often I forget to write when my mood-o-meter switches to 'happy' as when happy, I daydream and sleep (hoping to continue last night's happy dream).

Anyway let me list down some of the things that make me happy.

1. Performing Arts (Sing,Dance,Act,Band etc)
2. Write- (boring old reports and over-crowded misused PowerPoint presentations excluded)
3. Eat delicious food, (Delicious and tasty food only... ok)
4. Rainy days
5. The smell of coffee on rainy days.
6. A loyal and loving man.
7. My photos taken (when I'm willing-lah).
8. The Internet and www.
9. My computer and any other computers that can access the internet.
10. My computer even without the internet access.
11. Great movies or hilarious ones.
12. Cartoons. (yes)
13. Killing cockroaches (just killed one tonight).
14. My home.
15. Well edited brochures,pamphlets, magazines, posters,pictures.
16. His phone calls.
17. My gals (you know who you are)
18. Money
19. Gym
20. Communication
21. Sleep.
22. Late nights.
23. Productive and fruitful lepak sessions.
24. Salty snacks.
25. Cooking (yeah..)
26. Holidays and weekends
27. Time to go home from Day-job-in-Denial.
28. Shisha
29. To see others happy.
30. Fast-paced environment combined with a vacation ambiance.

Dah tiga puluh dah tu..cukuplah kan?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Raining in The Subway

2 bored people, born under the same stars, same gender, similar personalities, when left alone together becomes mischievous.

The weather was cool and gloomy but lovely.

Hungry stomaches felt like eating something definitely NOT Malaysian, to complement the NOT SO Malaysian weather.

So off we went, somewhere not too far away from the 'Living Hell' called THE OFFICE.

Warm sandwiches and wrappos filled the rumbling tummies of very HOT women wearing scarves of the same type but different color which they switched to match the clothes that they wore today. Scarves were given by a colleague who went for a trip overseas somewhat months ago.

Never did it came across the minds of these 2 very chatty women that these scarves would become their shield and protection- somewhat.

The sensual combination of delicious food, mints and scents of nicotine during a cool,gloomy windy weather was unbeatable.

What more with a coincidental encounter of a couple whom we knew were definitely married to their partners- whom (sadly and unfortunately) are unaware of their little secret rendezvous.

Infidelity- seems to be a common unhealthy phenomenon in Malaysia these days.sigh.

My twin and I, we took our time. Too precious a moment of joyful bonding, very rare we get to do such activities these days.

As we left, rain started pouring down heavily, and we took our scarves to protect our unnaturally colored hair.

Soaking wet, we both laughed and ran as quickly as possible, struggling in our high heels.

Drenched as we were, we must have been looking rather appealing as vehicles started to give us friendly 'honks'.

Dried ourselves in the Ladies near the Surau, which helped only a little, leaving the cleaner lady smiling with envy at out curvaceous voluptuous bodies.

Drenched still we are, drying slowly and back at the 'Living Hell'.

My Twin, I love you so much for a funny, but lovely day.

Miss ya babe!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Wife : Who's that on the phone?

Hubby: (Silence)


Hubby: My friend's friend.


Hubby: (Silence, and nods)

Wife : Don't lie to me. What the hell is your friend's friend doing calling you in the middle of the night? Who's the slut?


Wife : Give me the phone.

Hubby:(Refuses to give phone)


Hubby: (Still refuses to give phone)

Wife : Give me the phone!! Why are you scared huh? Takut???Takut??

Hubby: Tak. I tak takut.

Wife : Gimme the phone! Scared? You scared huh?

Hubby: No I'm not scared.

Wife :Who's the slut??IS she BETTER THAT ME?

Hubby: (Silence)

Wife : OH INI KERJA YOU EH? Everyday you come back late you said you're working late. Work late konon! SO THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING???

(Sounds of wife hitting and punching the husband)

(Windows and sliding doors shut, sounds of furniture screeching and items in the house thrown on the floor)

Wife: Dah la tak sedar diri! Tak sedar diri, duduk sini mengangkang je kerja! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! I SAID GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!

Argument continues and GOD KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED.

The dialogue and scene above was witnessed by my two ears and the other ears of my friends who were hanging out at my condo last weekend.

It definitely made my night more interesting.

I am still traumatized by this huge argument that I overheard.
It was the people living downstairs and I have a feeling it was the unit right below mine because it was so loud and clear that it was impossible not to overhear it.
Now I understand why it is unhealthy for children to witness arguments/fights between their parents. It will definitely haunt them forever.
This weekend's experience has traumatized me further, and made me become even more afraid of marriage.
There's so much infidelity going on these days. What's the point of staying married if you are not loyal to each other?

Trust me, this is not the first time I've 'bumped' into couples fighting. There was once, a Korean couple here was arguing and my ears witnessed it.

Once, at a friend's place in Subang, a Chinese couple was arguing.

Can't rewrite the argument as I don't understand Korean nor Chinese.

To the people downstairs, if you can't work it, break it. Get a divorce. Actually I'm wondering what the couple look like, and what happened after that. Hehe!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


In my previous post I mentioned that I wished I was gifted with supernatural powers; and ironically today, someone believes that I am able to do 'MAGIC'- and that someone is of course, my immediate superior.

Flattered as I should be (should I?), I am NOT. Although I have the ability to 'create magic' for Business Solutions (yes angkat bakul sedikit), there are days that I feel like I just want to 'under utilize' my brain and yes, today is one of those days.

It amazes me how some people are promoted to senior positions when their capabilities begins with an 'in'.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Que Sera Sera

The norm: Que Sera Sera, what ever will be will be, the future's not ours to see, Que Sera Sera.

Mine : Que Sera Sera, what I say will be will be, your future's what I curse it to be,
Que Sera Sera.

Tonight I wish that I have the supernatural powers of seeing my future. Saves time, minimizes heartaches.

Je suis fatigue with La Vida Loca.