Sunday, August 23, 2009


Seorang pengembara wanita sedang mengembara.(duhh)
Pengembara mempunya objektif utama iaitu mencari sesuatu yang telah lama dia mencari.
Tetapi apabila ditanya apakah yang dicari, pengembara tersebut gagal memberi jawapan yang tepat.
Jadi, apakah yang dicari?
Sebuah kitab memberi nasihat, bahawa sekiranya mencari seseorang (musuh, rakan, kawan, kenalan etc. etc.) adalah perlu kita mengenali diri kita sendiri dahulu. Mengenali apakah ciri-ciri kita dari semua aspek, adakah kita mengenali diri kita?
Most of the time, we fail to answer precisely. We tend to give very ambiguous answers.
So the essence of the book is that, only find someone we would love forever,and we can only do that when we have learnt and understood who we really are.
Pengembara wanita tersentak, lalu menghentikan pengembaraan.
Pengembara wanita berfikir selama 3 saat, lalu berpatah balik, ingin pulang.
Pengembara wanita pulang ke rumah dan mengambil kitab tersebut dari almari tingkat ketiga dan cuba mengenali diri sendiri.

And she thought she knew herself very well. Maybe she's wrong. 


Some worms are found in fruits, some in soil.
Some worms are found in stale food, some worms are found in corpse.
Some worms are found in books.
Some 'blondes' have found their long lost side of being bookworms.
Some of those blondes were not even born blonde.
Maybe it's not even many blondes, maybe it's A blonde. One. Like Uno.
But because she still looks blonde (it could even be a he), people tend to underestimate her (or it could be a him).

It's ok to be a bookworm. And look blonde at the same time.

Bookworm = ulat buku (in Malay)


You see. You observe. Wait a minute, wait a minute. It looks familiar. It sounds familiar. Then  you observe again. Just to make sure. Your brain automatically starts analyzing the bits and pieces of information. Your brain sends signals to your heart. Your heart starts pumping, slowly, and then it began to pump faster and faster sending the blood running through your veins in a peculiar manner, in a speed that it has never been flowing before.
Then everything stops. Your brain sends positive signals, positive waves, making you shiver and then..finally.. 


It's definite. You are convinced that you've found it. The missing piece.

And then your indecisive self, is unsure again.

Wait arr..BINGO or NOT..?Aiyaaa...

Forbidden Fruit

Why does the forbidden fruit seem more appetizing, delicious, interesting, irresitable?

Were they made to be forbidden on purpose? Just to make it more exciting? So that it increases our level of curiosity?

Just to create some kind of thrill? 

I want that forbidden fruit.

Beku- Frozen

It's like I'm frozen. I don't know what to do. What steps should I take to make it happen?

I need to defrost.


After a certain age, there are times when you suddenly feel stupid, or Jadi Bodoh.
The things you were so good at, and the skills that you sharpened, been sharpening..became so sharp..that you suddenly don't know what to do, you don't know how to act, or react.

Apsal la aku jadi bodoh tiba-tiba ni. What should I do?

Monday, August 17, 2009


Don't do this, Don't do that
Don't wear this, Don't wear that
Don't say no, Don't object
Don't refuse, Don't speak up
Don't, Don't, Don't

Too many Don'ts these days.
My answer : DON'T BOTHER lah.

When it happens slowly inside you

You know you just have to do something about it when...

When it happens slowly inside you.