Friday, November 9, 2012

An Unfortunate Event

It was Monday, the 5th of November 2012. No, I am not writing about Guy Fawkes night, even though the event took place on the same date. It was about a flash flood that happened in my hometown.

I was dressed in a newly bought light creamy pink lace top with a black long fitted black skirt to go with it, face made-up and hair neatly groomed.

My light small grey bag all packed and ready to return to the southern state of the country where I worked in the field that I do best, in the business of making people happy.

Mom who never drove outside of our hometown was reluctant to drive out to send me to the airport and wanted me to take the cab, but I insisted that we could have coffee before I took off.

We went with a willing and helpful neighbor, whom we were planning to have coffee with. Mom wanted to take a longer route, but I said take the shorter route.

And then we saw cars stopping on the right lane and jammed up the road. Why, take the left lane. "Water" mom said,  " Not that high, just hit the accelerator and do not let go" said I.

Mom did as I said, and we were almost there..when the car wouldn't go anymore. "Try restart the engine" I said to mom. It just wouldn't. The water was gushing and getting deeper. I said " let's get out" as smoke was starting to come out from the engine. " No. let's stay in it's safer"said mom. I insisted that we went out for I said it would be dangerous if we were locked in the automatic car system.

All of us got out of the car, I managed to get my bag out from the trunk, and stood, the three of us on the concrete divider.

We watched the water pushing our floating car side to side, I was praying that it would not float away.

I know my mom was anxious and worried, just like how I was secretly feeling although I appeared to be calm.

A police car came by whilst I was trying to reach a tow-truck to rescue the car.

Mom insisted that the policemen send me to the airport to catch my flight.

I went with a heavy heart. She told me she was interviewed by a reporter on my way to the airport regarding the incident. I went on the flight and returned to the state where I work, but had difficulty sleeping all night. Called mom, and yes, we were still traumatized by the whole event. She had to wait for at least more than an hour before my brother came and the tow-truck guys came to her rescue.

Natural disasters are traumatizing, even flash-floods. Now imagine how you would feel if you're caught in a Tsunami.